Do you transport to residential locations

Yes. As look as your carrier can fit down the street you car will be delivered to that address.

Can I place items in my car for transport.

Zoom Auto Transport follows industry standard which allows up to 100lbs to be placed in vehicles for transportation. Anything more than that we cannot accommodate.

What kind of guarantee do I have that you will ship my car?

We don’t get paid a single penny unless your car has been transported. We pride ourselves in customer services. We put the customer first.

Will my vehicle be inspected before it is transported?

Our door to door service allows for inspection before your vehicle is transported. It is important that you inspect your vehicle before deliver and after deliver.

Do I have to be present during pick-up and deliver

No. You do not have the be present. You can designate any individual you want to be present during pick-up and deliver. Once processing is complete you can choose whoever you want.

How fast will my car be delivered

Delivery time depends on the distance the car is going. Our pick-ups are within 72 hours for a request. Contact us to know the exact delivery date of your car.